Vintage Button Ring #2
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Vintage Button Ring #2

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This vintage button ring is perfect for souls who still wear Doc Martins.

I am now using three generations of buttons to create individual rings that anyone can wear when they want to show off a tiny bit, just a buttons worth of showing off. 
This ring was created with vintage buttons swiped from my mothers craft room new years 2018, the rest of the year has not gone so well...  So I'm on the fast track to selling off all my vintage buttons ring by my birthday. November 13th.

I need to sell 500 rings by November 13th.
I accept CC, Vemno, Cash, barter for goods.

Please noodle through the collection & purchase the ring that speaks to your soul.
Each ring is unique and hand made by me.
Adjustable stainless steel filigree band.

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