Instagram Skull Photo Set

My photos sets are normally 9 feet or 108 inches, this gives my subject & I enough room to stand, sit, move around while posing or even dance.  However with so many of my subjects wanting images that look good on instagram & other social media platforms, I have developed a few small sets that are perfect for selfies and instagram style imagery.  These insta sets are simple to create and only 4 feet or 48 inches wide.

Here is my October 2018 Skull Set
NOLA Instagram Photo Set

Wallpaper You can use any wallpaper, 1 roll.
Beaded fringe curtain x2 Get the 84 inches long ones.
Curtain rod  
Small padded bench or ottoman 
Staple gun/thumb tacks

New Orleans Mini Photo Set

I use thumbtacks & staples for the wallpaper, 1 roll gives me three panels. 

You can use any sort of wallpaper, & curtain combo.

New Orleans Portrait Photographer


Instagram photo set.

This narrow 4' set is perfect for selfies & smart phones!
If you want to build the set out to a standard 9 feet, you'll need two rolls of wallpaper or combine the curtains with seamless paper. 


NOLA Instagram photography set

Toss in a few props, mats, mask, costume jewelry,  & you have a compete mini photo booth for your visitors. Encourage your visitors to tag your business instagram with all the photos they take.  You can even get custom wallpaper or fabric with YOUR logo printed on it...

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