About Us

I specialize in boudoir, portrait, & creative photo sessions. We are an all inclusive photo studio, we accept everyone: men, women, transgender, & non binary. We photograph all sizes and shades of humanity, we work with people who are “out” & people who are still in the closet. Our clients range from 18 to 91 years old. Come play dress up & escape into art. 


Mariah Carle - New Orleans LA

When Mariah is not designing new sets & doing boudoir photography, she teaches photography classes & workshops around the US.  Her award winning art & photography has been published by Playboy, New York Post, Shutterbug, Boing Boing, San Francisco Chronicle, Cupido, Seattle Stranger, & Jezebel.com. One of her large scale mixed media sculptures is on permanent exhibit in Seattle with the Seattle Erotic Arts Festival. If you ask her what she does, she will tell you. “I steal souls; then sell them back at a profit”

Select Projects

San Francisco Erotic Film School March 2017
Seattle Erotic Arts Festival April 2017
Shutterbug Magazine: February 2017
Burlesque Coloring Book Summer 2017
Nudie Nubie Burlesque 2017
Playboy TV June 2016
Hubba Hubba Review January 2016
Killers & Kings Clothing November 2015
Gray Loft Gallery Oakland CA, November 2015
Kinky Coloring Book 2015
Keffa Coffee, June 2015
Illusion Magazine, May 2015
Philosophie Boudoir AIBP Magazine, March 2015
La Loma Medical Center, January 2015
Boing Boing, January 2015
420 Gallery Oakland, CA Nov 2014
Hyphen Magazine, Sept 2014
Alameda Sun, Sep, 2014
Rhythmix Theatre, Alameda, CA Aug 2014
Philosophie Boudoir AIBP Magazine, Aug, 2014
International Association of Boudoir Photographers, Aug 2014
Dark Garden Corsets, Photography – December 2013
Keffa Coffee, Oakland, CA – November 2013
NY Post –Guys just wanna have fun– Aug 13th 2013
Comixguy –Five By One: Mariah Carle– Aug 9th 2013
Lust Designs, SEO & Design & Photography – June 2013
Urban Legends Cellar, Oakland, CA June 2013
Gray Loft Gallery Oakland, CA – February 2013
Playboy TV – March 21 2013
San Francisco Chronicle – February 10th 2013
Center For Sex & Culture San Francisco, CA – May 2012
San Jose Mercury News – April 10th 2012
Malonga Arts Center Oakland, CA – April 2012
SEAF Installation Art- Grant Awarded – Seattle, WA – June 2012
SEAF Visual Art Seattle, WA – 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012
Gray Loft Gallery Oakland, CA- February 2012
Vicious Bettie’s Magazine – July 2011
F11 Books Volumes 1,2,4
Cupido Magazine Norway – August 2011
Pro Arts Gallery Oakland, CA – June 2011
Artists Alley San Francisco, CA – June 2011
Chado Tea Room Los Angeles, CA – June 2011
Alameda Patch – December 2010
Jingletown Art Walk Oakland, CA – 2010, 2011
Seattle Stranger Magazine – May 2010
San Francisco Gate Magazine – May 2010
Gallery Provocateur Chicago, IL – June 2010
Rorschach Complex Pomona, CA – June 2010
Oakland Local News & Community

Gray Loft Gallery
Gray Loft Gallery is very pleased to present NATURE (re)DEFINED, a group show of photography inspired by nature. The photographs in the exhibit offer a wide range of styles, including alternative processes, as well as classic nature photography of landscapes and plant life as they are found in their natural environment.  Traditional black and white images, color photography and mixed media works will be on view by a group of exceptional photographers. 11.13.15

Boing Boing
I love these images. They are very personal and highly entertaining. Mariah tells me she tries hard to make every session playful and works hard to engage her clients creativity. The stories she has told me about shoots do sound like a lot of fun! In addition to working with men, she also focuses on transgendered subjects and women. If you want some great shots of yourself wearing very little, or nothing at all, her studio is in Oakland, CA. 01.14.15

Playboy TV Boarding Pass– Airing October 2013 to February 2014
Today we finished shooting for Playboy TV’s new 23 episode travel show that will include Carle Photography working with three amazing boudoir clients. Stay tuned for more updates when the program airs this October. 04.21.13

The San Francisco Chronicle
The Boudoir Mans Up by Tony Bravo “These days Oakland photographer Mariah Carle is just as likely to take provocative portraits of either sex at her Jingletown studio. Her first subject was a female friend looking to do a boudoir shoot in 2008; less than a year later, men starting calling with the same request. For Carle, boudoir shoots are less about nudity and overtly sexual setups and more about helping people get comfortable in front of the camera.” 02.10.2013

Gray Loft Gallery 2nd Annual Love Show
On display will be photographs, paintings, collage, sculpture, jewelry, textiles and handmade cards which reflect love, passion, lust, hope, romance, broken hearts, unrequited love, true love, and hearts in many shapes and forms. This is not a Hallmark Valentine show, but rather a visual dialogue about love in its many incarnations and interpretations that reflect a diverse theme of love. 02.08.13

The Seattle Times
Seattle Erotic Art Festival marks its 10th anniversary by Michael Upchurch “Bay Area photographer Mariah Carle’s “Shorts” is about defiance as much as sensuality. Her body-painted male model (a military veteran?) has one arm amputated and a rippling scar in the middle of his belly. Staring directly into the camera, he’s fully owning and transcending his damage.” Also I won a grant award for ‘The Little Black Dress’ art installation as well as having 2 of my visual art pieces, “Shorts” and “Flicking the Bean” in the show. 6.22.2012

Bay Area Reporter
Considering the Penis “The Dick Show” at the Center for Sex and Culture: “The Dick Show”
The Dick Show, curated by Jack Davis, a long-time Radical Faerie well known for crocheting and exhibiting penis covers, brushes against ideas of gender. Along with other Bay Area artists, Mariah Carle exhibited her nude study. “The nude study taken by photographer Mariah Carle is razor-crisp yet warm, revealing a one-armed and much-scarred man, defiant and proud.”

San Jose Mercury News
Boudoir Photography Goes Mainstream.
Boudoir Photo Essay
“My oldest client was 75,” says Mariah Carle, who started Bay Area Boudoir five years ago in a live-work artist’s loft in Oakland’s Jingletown neighborhood near Interstate 880. “She wanted to preserve her good looks, just like younger women who say, ‘I want nice pictures of myself before I’m old and wrinkly.’ Others, of course, are just exhibitionists and want to do it in a safe place.” 

Seattle Erotic Arts Festival
For the fourth year in a row I have been honored to be accepted in the Seattle Erotic Arts Festival or SEAF. In June of 2012 I will be exhibiting two pieces of visual art, one piece of installation art as well as teaching three classes on the marketing and selling of art as an artist.