Welcome to NOLA Carle Photography & The Bathtub…

Carle Photography  We specialize in stealing souls, through portrait, boudoir & creative photo sessions.  We have photographers, costumers, makeup & hair artists, stunning sets, & thousands of props. We will make your photo session dreams come true. We are an inclusive photo studio, catering to men, women, transgender, & non binary. We photograph all sizes and shades of humanity, we work with people who are “out” & people who are in the closet. Our clients range from 18 to 91 years old. 

The Bathtub  Souls for sale............ or art of your prefer.
Our St Roch gallery sells prints, handcrafted jewelry, & hosts art events, and exhibits local artists. 

You will love our New Orleans location

Our new gallery and photo studio space is located in the historic St Roch neighborhood, 8th Ward of New Orleans. 

Friday 12pm - 8pm
Saturday 12pm - 8pm
Sunday 12pm - 8pm