Photography Studio Rental

Photography Studio Rental

Set Your Imagination Free

In this fully equipped, intimate photo studio. You and your models & clients will appreciate the relaxed and private atmosphere of a unique photography studio rental that has everything you need. Our rental studio, has a large open shooting space, many options for set design, furniture, rugs, chairs, pillows. You can shoot 9 foot white seamless and switch to 9 foot black velvet cloth in minutes.

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This photo studio is located in Jingletown Oakland California right off the 880 freeway. Just minutes across the Bay Bridge from San Francisco.

Bay Area Photography Studio Rental

Bay Area Photography Studio Rental

  • 1000 sq ft studio with 10ft ceilings. The shooting space is 18 ft by 25 ft. You will have access to:

  • 5 Alien Bee Monolight strobe lights with wireless triggers. (Compatible with Canon Nikon Leica….)

  • Dozens of modifiers: soft boxes, umbrellas, beauty dish, grids, gels, strip boxes, flags, bounces, and reflectors, full 9 foot seamless paper backdrop.

  • Huge windows with plenty of natural diffused southern light.

  • 2 Hot lights for video shoots & 1 1200 watt vintage BM Fresnel light with hard box & barn doors

Oakland Photo Studio

Come in and make a mess.

  • The space has a distressed brick wall as well as painted walls for diverse backgrounds. The flooring is 1920 full cement.

  • Kitchenette or full catering is available. We have all the great local delivery places on speed dial.

  • Crank up the tunes, with streaming Pandora or bring your Ipod. Full android and iPhone/iPad charging station and many electrical outlets.

  • The space is heated by an industrial heater which provides comfortable climate for nude shoots.

  • Dressing and makeup space with full length mirrors, dress racks, makeup chair and electrical outlets for makeup and hair tools. Full bathroom with shower.

  • Free easy street parking.


This studio space has a large variety of props and furniture. These and many other photography props are available for use, please check when booking your appointment as to what is currently available in the studio.

  • Record wall covered with vintage 45’s

  • Red Velvet victorian loveseat

  • Persian rug, bamboo flooring, brown stained cement

  • Vintage wire chair, red wood chair, tiny white chair

  • Directors chair, & black posing stool

  • Vintage steam trunk

  • Boxes of faux pearls & costume jewelry

  • Feather boas, masks, hats, & gloves

  • Vintage rotary phone

  • School chalk board, chalk, ruler

  • Silver antique wrought iron bed with several colors of bedding

Studio Rental Fees:


Full Day – 8 Hours
Half Day – 4 Hours
By The Hour

$50 non refundable retainer is required to hold your date and time.
We accept all Major Credit Cards, Cash, Checks.
Studio rental available from 9 am to 9 pm
By appointment only

527 23rd Ave
Studio 104
Oakland CA
Contact Carle Photography:

We will reply to your message within 24 hours & answer all of your questions. Phone:650.996.1860


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Client Reviews of Carle Photography’s Rental Studio:

Andrew Kaiser Photographer

Andrew Kaiser Photographer

“Working at the Mariah Carle’s photo studio is a dream come true for any photographer. Plenty of natural light (or none at all if that is your preference) and a nice relaxed secure atmosphere ensure a great experience for both you and your subject. There is plenty of room to get a variety of looks and all the necessary tools one could want to assist in the creative process are right there. In a world of flaky photographers Mariah is a true professional and easy to work with, book, and will do her best to make sure the space is exactly what you need.” – Andrew Kaiser Photographer


Kinky Coloring Book

Kinky Coloring Book

“One of the early challenges I had creating The Kinky Coloring Book was finding a suitable location to shoot photos of the models that I would later be drawing. Since many of the models I was working with lived in the East Bay or San Francisco, asking them to make the long trip to Tracy where I lived would have been a troublesome expense for them. Plus, my home lacked the space and lighting for many of the ideas I wanted to photograph. Furthermore, asking nude models to come to my private home to take kinky pictures might have made me sound like that creepy photographer no one wants to work with. Thankfully, Mariah’s studio has provided me with the perfect solution. It has plenty of space to play around in. She has a professional-grade lighting setup and backdrop for me to use, so I don’t have to waste as much time on setup. Also, her studio is near the 880 Freeway, so it is easily accessible to many of the models, make-up artists, and prop people that I work with. Finally, her studio provides me with a safe and professional space to shoot my pictures, which makes my models feel safe and lets me focus on the work instead of the logistics

I have rented Mariah’s studio many times over the past four years. Mariah’s experience as a model and photographer have proven invaluable to me in setting up many of my shoots. A number of the people I have worked with have commented on what a fun and friendly time they’ve had at her studio. For me, having a space where people feel comfortable and safe is a big, BIG help. Particularly since I’m asking models to get naked and do some pretty strange things, like having liquid latex poured on them, green goo slimed all over them, or being tied up in heavy chains. When shooting a kink-friendly theme, it is even more important to establish a safe and professional atmosphere for the people involved. I have never had a problem doing that while working at Mariah’s studio. Mariah and her studio have been a great asset in my work making The Kinky Coloring Book.” – James Courtney Creator of The Kinky Coloring Books


Quaevide Photography

Quaevide Photography

“I’ve enjoyed shooting at Mariah’s for several years. The studio offers a low-stress environment to either just get a shoot done, or play around and get creative. Mariah has been a great help in developing ideas for my shoots, from refining the concepts to advice on how to build props. During a shoot, Mariah is always willing to lend a helping hand with tricky clothing or lighting problems – her experience both in front of and behind the lens is invaluable. The studio itself is a nice size, large enough for comfortable shooting while at the same time feeling more personal than industrial – I think this is helpful in creating the right mood of personal expression not only for me, but also for my models. I think of the studio as a creative artist’s workshop, where I can bring my ideas to life.” – Quaevide Fine Art Photography


“Carle Studio amazes me with the range of lighting and modifier options that it provides. I have not seen as much at any comparable studio. The ability to mix continuous and spot lighting, with large and very soft lighting, opens up ways to tell stories and to place emphasis very selectively. The window makes for another light source during the day! The lights are easy to move and there’s no dearth of power-outlets, which are yet hidden away. If you want to experiment with lighting, this is where to do it!

I have made requests to Mariah before some shoots, and she makes sure a wall-section is clear or that the modifiers I want are on the lights by the time I arrive. She strikes a neat balance between letting the photographer feel as if it’s his/her own studio, and being available if help is needed. Her being an expert photographer herself is a factor in her understanding of another photographer’s needs.

Equally amazing is the variety of ‘sets’ available in one large room. (And this includes a bed and the floor!) It’s thus possible, on one shoot, to create a series of photographs that completely avoids the “these were shot in the same studio” look.

Other notables are a great collection of props to borrow, easy Wi-Fi, a kitchen, a separate changing-area for the model’s use, a reasonable rental price, and a modern payment system. The location in an artistic enclave in Oakland and the proximity to San Francisco, a great creative environment, and the certainty of getting high-quality results, have made Carle Studio very attractive for me.”

Other photography studios for rent

If we are not what you are looking for, here are a few other photo studios for rent in the Bay Area.

Left Space Studios in San Francisco, CA has several studios and suites  from 985 SqFt. to 3800 SqFt.

Brearley Photo in Oakland, CA has a 240 SqFt photo studio with retro styled kitchen.

Rapt Productions in Oakland, CA has a 2400 production studio that handles video & photography.

Here are some great examples of what you can create in our studio.

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Recent Film & Video Clients:

Music video for Star Tattoo by Sam Adams Produced and directed by Six Finger Films.

Indy test short “Switch” by Michael Hall

Switch from stratik on Vimeo.

Playboy Latin America did an afternoon of interviews, photo shoots for the new Playboy TV – Boarding Pass TV show.