Below are just a few of the questions we have received over the past several years.

Do you shoot male nudes?
Yes, we do, shoot male nudes, as well as female nudes.  You can see more samples of our work in our gallery.

I have a bunch of ideas for an erotic shoot, when can I call your studio?
Ideas are great, we do NOT discuss shoot details until after you have paid your creative fee.

Can I have a woman’s shoe/foot stepping on me for my photo shoot?
We do not supply models to our boudoir clients, we also do not have a box filled with woman’s body parts. If you need to be stepped on by a beautiful woman we recommend you call Fantasy Makers.

Can I surprise my significant other with an erotic boudoir photo session?
Boudoir sessions are NOT good surprise gifts. Due to the private nature of our photo sessions we do not allow surrogate or proxy bookings. Clients must book their own photo sessions.

What happens if I get an erection?
That is a question you might want to ask your uncle or father. A nude photo shoot does not translate into a sexual experience.

I want a photo of me snorting cocaine off of a young girl’s ass, can you do that shoot?
No, just no.

Do you provide models to pose with your clients?
We do NOT provide models to pose with our clients.

I’m concerned about the size of my dick.
We do not judge our clients by the size of their dicks. Our clients have the option of doing non nude boudoir sessions, wearing sexy outfits.

How many people are on set?
It depends on the shoot, the photographer & the client are needed, sometimes a makeup artist will be hired if you need one. For larger photography projects a photographer’s assistant may be needed.

I don’t know how to pose, will you help me?
Yes, we are a very experienced photography team & can help you with posing, direction and even help you with styling your outfits.

Do you photograph erections?
For some of our more adventurous clients yes, we will photograph erections, please remember we do NOT help out or touch the clients in any way.

Will anyone see me?
Our studio is located in a large creative building filled with artist lofts. Someone might see you going from the door to the studio, or they would see you getting out of your car. You will not be nude until after the photo session starts.

Can I have a photo of a woman cupping my balls?
We do not have a freezer full of womans body parts for our photo sessions, if you want a photo session with your partner you should ask your partner if they would like to join you.

Can you photograph me measuring my dick?
Did you want to book an appointment next week? We have an opening on Friday, you will need to pay your creative fee to book a session.

I need to explain in detail the special way I need you to photograph my dick.
You can explain how special your dick is at the photo shoot after you have paid your sitting fee.

How can I do a nude shoot when I am scared & never done any type of photo shoot before?
Being nervous is common, we recommend booking a portrait session first. Then after you have experienced a “regular” photo session, you’ll know what to expect with someone you have worked with before.

Will you travel to my location?
Our lead photographer has been hired to shoot clients all over the US. All travel expenses are to be covered by the client.

Will you photograph me cumming in a bowl of fruit?
We receive that request at least twice a year, it is a very common request, yet not a single person has actually ever made a deposit & booked a photo session for this idea.

What happens if I fart on set?
We both laugh & continue shooting.

Your photography team is very sexy, will any of them pose nude with me?
Fuck no!

Do I have to give you my name?
You can make up a fake name. We run a professional studio so it would help to know your name, or we can call you Bill, we will need your credit card information to process your payments so even if you don’t want us to know your name, we will need to know your CC info. If you’re so paranoid you won’t give us your name, you are not ready for a photo session.

My Dudeoir session is scheduled at 10 am, can I come early at 9 am and watch you set up?
No, if your session is scheduled at 10 am, then you should arrive at 10 am, if you are running late then you can call us and let us know your stuck in traffic.

Do you publish male nudes?
Our studio published many nude images in galleries art shows & publications each year. Our clients privacy is important to us. We only publish clients images when they give us written permission to with a full model release.

Can I get a discount if I have a large cock?
All cocks over 13 inches will qualify for 10% off your photo session.

The photographer is very pretty, can I ask her out on a date?

I am very busy during the week, can I book an evening boudoir session?
Yes, we do book evening & weekend photo sessions.

I waxed my balls, is that ok?
Yes, this is your photo session, you may arrive with natural body hair or completely waxed smooth.

Do you do outdoor male nude photo sessions?
We do not shoot nude sessions outdoors, we have a lovely full photography studio in Oakland CA. We are looking into renting private land for such photo sessions in the future.

Does your studio allow crossdressers?
Yes we do, we have had many crossdressing clients over the years, our makeup artists can also do makeup & style your wigs.

Do you do bondage shoots?
We have access to several professional riggers that can be hired for shibari & bondage style photo sessions.

I was contacted by playgirl and have a huge cock do you do photo shoots?
Yes we are a professional photo studio that does nude male photography sessions.

Do I have to strip my clothes off in front of you?
You do not have to strip, You may choose to do a clothed session or you may choose to do a nude session, we supply robes for you to wear when you’re not on set.

I am a nude model, I have a 6 inch penis, can I get a free photo shoot?
All models applying for modeling trade sessions must be able to provide a full professional modeling portfolio & CV.

How long are your nude sessions? Do I have to be nude the entire time?
Our nude photography sessions range from 1-3 hours depending on the session. You are not nude the entire time, we will supply robes for you to wear while not on set.

I would like your make up artist to wax my balls for me.
Our studio does not provide ball waxing, please contact a local waxing salon for men.

Can I be nude while the make up artist is applying make up?
We require all our clients to wear robes or clothing when not actively being photographed on set.

Can you shoot close ups of my penis?
Yes, we can shoot close ups of your penis.

Will you photoshop my dick to be 10 inches?
We will not photoshop your dick to be 10 inches.