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Maternity Photography

Oakland Maternity Photography

Your belly is awesome, so show it off, be proud of your baby bump. You will love the images that reflect this special time in your life. You may be going through nausea, swelling, and feel that you are lopsided. Take a special day all to yourself to celebrate your body. Get a pedicure, have your feet rubbed, and come into my Bay Area Oakland studio for a maternity photography session. Having your special photos taken can be relaxing, fun and a great way to spend a day. I specialize in letting you feel good about yourself. I will work with you on any special maternity photo ideas you have, and special colors you want, and those extra touches your creativity.

When Is The Best Time To Book A Maternity Shoot?

If you’ve been trying to decide on the best time for booking a maternity shoot, you’ll discover that that decision is entirely up to you. There are recommended times that you can use as a guideline; however, these are not set in stone. In fact, there are a vast number of moms-to-be that will have a couple of maternity photo shoots in their plans. They’ll have one right when they begin to show, and then they’ll have another roughly 4 weeks before their due date. With that being said, you’ll find some interesting information listed below that will help you determine what will work for your specific situation. * What Month Are You In? Knowing the month you’re in right now will help you when it comes to figuring out when would be the best time to book the services of your maternity photographer. The reason this is important is because you’ll be able to effectively plan how and when you would like this arrangement to come together. For instance, if you are in your fourth month and you plan to have your maternity photographs taken four weeks before your due date, you’ll know that you only have four months left to prepare. Preparation is important, so by knowing this information when you’re making your plans, you’ll know what you’ll need to prepare for. Are You Showing Yet? Are you planning to have your maternity photographs taken right when you begin to show? If you are, you can talk with your maternity photographer on the type of shots you would like to take, and when you’d like to have them taken. If you are currently showing, you may want to take advantage of the situation and schedule more than one photo shoot. Now, if this is the case, you’ll want to talk with your photographer to make sure you can work out a package that will take this into consideration and be affordable at the same time.

You’ll discover that the best time to book a maternity shoot will be between the 32nd and 36th week of pregnancy. This is an ideal time in order to have these wonderful photographs taken of your beautiful belly and that wonderful creation that’s being developed inside. You’ll find that this is more than likely the best time for some people to have photographs taken, and should be considered when you’re planning to book the services of a maternity photographer.

This is your time to create images that are truly yours, you can be clothed, nude, alone or share it with your partner. I will make sure to work with you on your maternity photo ideas. My photo studio is located in Oakland California just 20 minutes from San Francisco across the bay, I also travel for location shoots as well. Give me a call, I am always happy to answer any questions you have about your maternity photography ideas. 650.996.1860

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