Male Nude Boudoir Photography

Dudeoir Photography:

Male Nude Photos

Male Nude Photos

Boudoir photography is for men too, you and your partner will love getting professional high quality photos of you in your best-dressed or undressed style. Sexy magazine style photo shoots are a great gift. Or if you like something more suggestive and fun, she’ll love a picture that has special meaning for her, seeing photos of you stripping out of your Sunday Suit. Who doesn’t love a sexy smoking hot fireman, construction worker, cowboy, big bad cop, the everyday heroes of our community? You can be a macho macho man for the camera. How about the clothes you wore on your first date? Don’t remember? I bet she does, ask her and bring those clothes and a special memory can be immortalized in a great, lasting image. Sometimes doing a private catwalk fashion show for your partner the week before your shoot is a fun and exciting night. Ask them to spend the evening with you and help you pick out their favorite sexy outfits.


Male boudoir photography is a new exciting trend that is fun, creative, sexy and a fabulous way to express your artistic self. Now, if you’re extra bold and daring strip down to the full monty and go nude. How about a nude sexy picture that could be published in a nude men’s magazine? We can talk about what kind of images you want, that your partner will adore and then we can shoot those male boudoir photography pictures that will remind her of you every time she see’s your special smile. No matter what kind of images you want, clothed, costumes, nude, covered in paint we will work together to create the pictures that will be special.

Professional Dudeoir Photos

Recent Studio Press:
This has been a very exciting year for Dudeoir Photography. Over a dozen news outlets have covered this new “trend” and the public’s response ranges from complementary to total confusion.

The Dudedoir photo trend warms my heart. Boudoir photographer says 25-percent of her clientele are men.

SF Gate – Boudoir Photos For Men

New York Post – Guys Just Want to Have Fun.

Why would a man go to a photography studio, shed his clothing and inhibitions to be captured on film?
Many of our male clients are buying gifts for their wives, partners, and girlfriends. Some clients are embarking on a journey of self exploration. While some of my more exibitionist clients love all the media press and hang large sized nude art prints on the bedroom wall, other clients require discretion. We have an NDA that guarantees Carle Photography will never publish, exhibit, sell, your private images. All negatives/files can be destroyed 24 hours after you receive your digital files, prints, or albums.

I am traveling to your area and only in town for a few days. Can I book a session on a certain date? All of our clients are very busy people, we offer a few photography sessions that are only an hour long, we also offer evening and weekend appointments. If you are traveling to the San Francisco or anywhere in the Greater Bay Area we will do everything we can to accommodate you. There are several hotels just a mile from our Oakland studio. We are 30 minutes from SFO & only 10 minutes from OAK.

When will I receive my albums, prints or digital files?
Most projects are ready in a week, albums & special order products may take up to 3 weeks, if you are in a rush, & have a special birthday or holiday deadline, we can usually accommodate a 24-48 hour turnaround on digital files. We also offer free shipping on all products if you’re only in town for a day or two.

Who will be doing the actual photography?
Mariah Carle is the head photographer, she does all the boudoir photography. We also work with professional makeup artists, larger projects may require a photo assistant, our office manager is not on set during nude photo shoots.

Boudoir photography for men

Boudoir photography for men

Here are a few testimonials from recent male clients.

“I have been working with Mariah on pictures for my straight male courtesan website; Mariah is a professional who enables to create high quality pictures with sensual and erotic background set up. She had also provided constructive input on my posture and expression. She even drove down to the Angel Island to take my picture with San Francisco skyline background. Mariah is a dedicated and capable professional photographer.” –Peter W.

“I am a shy, overweight, middle-aged man who is very self unconscious about how I look without clothing.  Even when my brain was screaming ‘You look horrible!’ Mariah made me feel comfortable in front of her camera.  The resulting pictures were nothing short of flattering if not sexy, and I am extremely happy I hired Mariah.  Her skills are nothing short of impressive, and I say that not only as a satisfied client, but also a published photographer.” –Mike H.


Leather albums, custom built sets, simple solutions, we will take care of you.
Packages range from 350.00 to 1500.00 Learn more on our pricing page.

Contact Carle Photography: Phone:650.996.1860


Top 5 reasons the guys want Dudeoir photos

  1. “I want to give a special personal gift to my guy/girl/partner” Men have been the recipients of sexy photos for generations, now is the time for the guys to give back in a big way, women love a sexy photo set as a gift. Guys also love sexy partner pictures. No matter who are are paired up with, a male dudeoir photo shoot is a one of a kind unique gift that will stun your partner, Many of my past clients use this as a personal gift for themselves as well.

  2. “I lost weight & want to show it off” Guys who have been dieting, going to the gym, doing all those push ups deserve a photo male boudoir session that shows them just what those new abs look like. You worked hard for that new in shape body. Book a nude photography session to encourage your continued weight loss and keep track of your new evolving shape.

  3. “I’m getting older and I want to have a record of my looks before they fade.” Absolutely, and guys deserve to have a secret cache of stunning photos to reminisce on when they hit the golden years. We are not young forever but a great photograph or album can be. Take the time and make the investment in a dudeoir portrait session and stop time.

  4. “I’m tired of the stigma” Boudoir photography is the one place where guys get left out in the cold, overall most men want to do a boudoir photo session for the exact same above reason women do them every day, but the problem is there are so few studios that will accept male clients. I am happy to work with both men and women I even work with couples too. I run a professional boudoir photography studio and have had hundreds of clients in the past several years. I am easy going and accepting. So challenge the scene and have a male boudoir photography session done.

  5. “I’m sexy and I know it” wiggle wiggle wiggle We are all sexy, no matter if we are young and cut or aging and seasoned with silver. This is your chance to preserve your looks and take a snapshot of your life in the nude. A gift for your lover or a goal for yourself.



How to prepare for your dudeoir photography session

Flogging the Dolphin

Flogging the Dolphin

  • Ask your partner what THEY find sexy about you. Think about and jot down three things YOU find sexy about yourself. What are your body concerns? (belly, butt, yellow toe nails)

  • Get a fresh haircut & shave. Try a little manscaping, trim those nose hairs!

  • Bring at least 3 complete outfits: Jeans & t shirt, suit, fetish or club wear, A few extra shirts, ties, jackets for variety. 3 blue suits with 3 white/cream shirts and 3 light blue ties is not three outfits. Black socks, always black socks.

  • Clean neat clothing, cat hair covered clothing is never sexy. Bring a few hats for fun. Belts belts are sexy, bring at least two of them. Props =  dirty books, floggers, sports equipment.