Erotic and Fetish Photography

Erotic and Fetish Photography

Fetishes. They often never leave the privacy of your bedroom, but occasionally compel you to venture out in the real world in order to explore them further and find like-minded partners.

Whatever your level of kink (or lack thereof), and whatever role your fetishes play in your life, we can help you create a custom photo session capturing your own expression and appetite!

Erotic photography doesn’t have to be just for exhibitionists. Personal erotica can be private: either just for you, or a tantalizing gift for a partner. If you’ve sauntered into the virtual world of FetLife in order to explore your fetish and find like-minded play partners, what better way to make a first impression than a hot photo that expresses your unique sexuality and captures the imagination?

The key point here is customization. Do you have interests in certain kinks, but a day job and lifestyle that prevents you from expressing these interests in your day-to-day life? Whatever conditions your lifestyle sets for how you find fulfilling sexual expression, and whatever you’re looking for, we can make it happen.

Fetish Photography

Why our clients love us.

Working with Mariah was fantastic. She made me feel super comfortable and relaxed, and really created the images I was looking for. The photographs are stunning, and I couldn’t have asked for better ones! 10.10.2015


Having shot with Mariah a couple of times, I am pleased to share my very positive experiences here. Arranging/booking a shoot is a smooth, straightforward.


I received a boudoir photoshoot with Mariah as a birthday present.  I had no idea what to expect.  My photoshoot experience ended up being extremely fun, and Mariah made me feel very comfortable at her studio.  My pictures turned out amazing. 5.19.2015

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My clients are not limited to just women, 25% of my bookings are men, with several transgender clients per year as well. Many of my clients are bound by the duality of wanting more explicit images than most studios are comfortable with creating while also having a high profile job/life that needs to be private.

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The visual artists showcase included Ginny Parsons, painter, Deborah Sullivan, sculptor and Mariah Carle, photographer.

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I dare you to stay inside the lines…

Communication and Sex Positivism

Like any good proponent of sex positivism, Carle Photography’s  fetish & erotic shoots are founded on principles of clear communication, boundaries, and consensuality. All parameters of a shoot can be discussed so that you, as the client, produce exactly what images you want: our role is to help with inspiration and logistics for the ultimate goal of actualizing nothing more and nothing less than your personal vision.

Whatever your proclivities, our shoot should reflect that. If your preferences are more subdued, our shoots can be elegant, restrained, as subdued as your comfort level and personal tastes dictate—so much of eroticism is contained in mood and nuance, a suggestion rather than a statement, and it need not be explicit. As the client, you are in control: the shoot’s objective and parameters are dictated by both your imagination and your boundaries.

On the other hand, if you want images that depict a wild, elaborate, no-holds-barred construction of sexual catharsis to make your intended viewer hold their breath, Carle Photography fosters a nonjudgmental safe haven where all expressions of sexuality—whether vulnerable or dark or silly—are celebrated. The spectrum of individual sexuality is colorful, personal, and deep, and in a cultural climate rife with apologetic shame and repression, I aim to create a space in which clients truly feel like they can discuss and express what it is that speaks to their sensuality.

Fetish & your privacy

Privacy is of the utmost importance. If you and your partner want to have photos conflagrate, you must feel comfortable and in the best hands.

We are experienced in navigating privacy considerations according to each client’s needs, never compromising your need for discretion. For those with “vanilla” jobs or social networks, keeping a separation between one’s erotic life and and day-to-day professional life may be paramount—we are sensitive to the fact that most people do not want their daytime boss or conservative in-laws to accidentally stumble across recognizable photos they’ve posted on a BDSM message board, and that scheduling an erotic shoot demands some trust.

If anonymity is a concern, your face and identifiable features need not be in the photos in order for them to fully express your best self; in fact, the process of circumventing such “constraints” with discretion and ingenuity can often be a springboard in and of itself, yielding exciting creative solutions we might never have dreamed up otherwise! Discussing any fears or doubts you have about your privacy is a part of the process; once these fears are taken into consideration and assuaged, you’re left to comfortably cut loose and artistically or sexually express yourself in whatever way suits you.

Fun and Boundless Exploration

In addition to being very discreet, we also believe in being playful! Erotic photography can be serious, but it can also be very fun.

At the tamer end of the spectrum we have boudoir shoots, ranging from smoldering to lighthearted, intense to campy. If you just have a thing for French maids, I can easily oblige. Bring the costumes, request a theme, or create a persona from our costume box—either way, I can make you the sexiest nurse on camera since Elle Driver. Or perhaps you’d like to make a pin up album starring you as a special gift to a partner.

On the flip side, we don’t mind getting a little dark. Fetishes, especially those in the BDSM world, can be as generic as using a whip and paddle, or as specialized as bloodletting or needle play. If you desire a full dominatrix scene with latex, masks, and corsets, we can give you the ambience and look you want, working with whatever props you supply for the fetish photography shoot. If you want to put your own twist on getting off while hurting the one you love, we can easily transform the studio into anything from dungeon-dark to surreal-Candyland. we can showcase a sunny lemon as you squeeze its juice into freshly made cuts, or we can capture the moment of ecstasy on your partner’s face from the sweet, sweet burn of candlewax. We are happy to hear about your ideas when you book your next fetish photo shoot with Carle Photography.

Furthermore, other content can be commissioned to feed your personal tastes. Do you have a foot fetish, but are tired of the same old images from Google image search, or wish for custom content that panders a little more particularly to your own fantasies? Perhaps you have something very unique in mind, or would be interested in content featuring models with a specific look. With some creativity, preparation and capital, we can shoot some foot models just for you—wearing shoes, barefoot, or even with mud squishing between each little piggy. If you can dream it up, we at Carle Photography can create it!

Where to Start?

For those seeking inspiration, we have included some offhand recommendations that cover a wide breadth of tastes, in hopes that you’ll find something to inspire you! Additionally, finding artists you like and using their work to communicate precisely what aesthetics, moods, and concepts you like empowers me to be a better collaborator, since we will have concrete examples of your tastes!

Of course, there are countless books of erotic photography available at any bookstore, and many sold exclusively in adult stores, including gorgeous coffee table editions worthy of prominent display (at least, if your familiars and social network are permissive of seeing such items in your home). But where else can one look to catalyze their own ideas?

Juxtapoz Magazine – Erotica -Diverse range of art from various visual media, from elegant to macabre to edgy to ludicrous; also a good source of non-erotic art of all styles

FetFan Magazine -Online zine with a mission to merge the fetish and fine art genres of photography

The Quite Delightful Project -An elegant new erotic zine designed by women, for women

Comics are also a great medium for erotic art, as they so seamlessly incorporate fantastical, exaggerated, or humorous elements. For further inspiration I suggest perusing the following artists: Milo Manara (exquisitely elegant), Robert Crumb (crude, rude, and funny), Dan DeCarlo (best known for the “Archie” comics) and, of course, Alan Moore and Melinda Gebbie’s “Lost Girls”.

If you are shy about nudity but would like to shoot something that’s extremely sexually charged, a couple suggestions for creative ways to circumvent nudity are Adam Warren’s “Empowered”, featuring a fiercely raunchy story with no actual nudity, and the website Beautiful Agony, which features “pornographic” videos…that only show the stars’ faces.

So much of the best erotic can be found through a historical exploration of ancient cultures: pottery in ancient Greece often depicted scenes from same-sex relationships, and explicit Japanese shunga [erotic art] date back to the 13th century and would make many modern progressives blush. European aristocrats during the Renaissance often filled their homes with outlandish erotic furniture adorned with carved penises and vaginas.

More recently, but still predating modern art, came painters with a huge disparity in style who depicted eroticism both veiled and explicit: Egon Schiele, Jean-Honoré Fragonard, Pablo Picasso, to name a few.

These cover a wide spectrum of tastes and are really just the tip of the iceberg, but with some perusing, we hope you find art to fuel the wellspring of your imagination and synthesize something truly personal, and that you will entrust our team to help guide your vision to actualization.

This is your time to create images that are truly yours, and you can be clothed, nude, alone or with your partner. Our team will make sure to work with you on your fetish photography ideas. Carle Photography photo studio is located in Oakland California just 20 minutes from San Francisco across the Bay. Give us a call; we are always happy to answer any questions you have about your erotic photography ideas.