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Boudoir Photography

Elegant, beautiful and intimate, this is what Bay Area Boudoir can create for you. We shoot boudoir style photography images to meet your needs. Whether its to tease or entice, to provoke or promise, to please or play, we can help you create your fantasy photographs. We will discuss exactly what you want to make beautiful images for you and your loved ones to enjoy. From the coy and casual girl next door to the glamorous nude, we will create images that make you feel comfortable and beautiful, all that is needed is you and your imagination. Our talented photographer can make it happen. We can help you find the right setting as well as the perfect pose to create the image you want. Some people are saying that boudoir photos can spice up your sex life.

We specialize in working with each client to discuss their vision for their individual shoot and offer suggestions when desired to get the exact shot the client has in mind. We have various props to enhance your shoot and help you hone in on your vision. Our focus is creating a photograph that you and your loved ones will be treasure.

We have quick turn around times for prints as well as onsite previews after your shoot which can allow you the time to find the perfect shot from your shoot. “Emergency photo shoots” in our studio are available. Just contact us and we will be able to work with your needs. We offer calendars, DVDs, photo albums, as well as digital prints. We offer many different ways to get your prints to you from digital download to putting the images on your portable flash drive. We want you to get your prints in the most convenient way for you and your needs. Every day I get calls from both men and women with questions about boudoir photo shoots. These are just the most often discussed reasons people come to me and choose to spend a day in my Oakland California boudoir photography studio. No matter what your reason is; If this is for you or for your lover. I will do my best to create a fun and exciting experience where you feel safe and enjoy an afternoon of amazing photography.

Boudoir photos.

Love your lingerie

Our Oakland photography studio is cozy, comfortable and private. It has a variety of backdrops and furniture to help you find the perfect setting for your session. We are just minutes away from Alameda and San Francisco. We can do amazing portable location shoots throughout the Bay Area upon requested from park settings to wineries to hotel room locations. The only limit on what we can create is your desired photographs. Boudoir Photography means elegance and beauty. Let us make a glorious image for your partner or create a beautiful, intimate work of art for you!

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Here is what a few of our boudoir clients have to say about us:

“I had the pleasure of working with Mariah on more than one occasion.   Mariah  captures subject individuality well and she knows how to pull you out of your comfort zone while respecting your boundaries.  She has the perfect balance of professionalism combined with a playfulness which helped me to relax.” – Shanti

“I really love my 20-page album. It features my favorite boudoir photos and I feel so beautiful when I look at it and it instantly boosts my self esteem. I even find myself sharing it with others, which I would never have done prior to the shoot. It was a great investment in me!” – Beth


Dudeoir: Boudoir photography for men

Sexy Dudeoir Images

Sexy Dudeoir Images

Boudoir Photos no longer for women only! Men can have the same sexy sultry images. You can make boudoir images for your special someone. Beefcake, Nudes, or “Dude-oir”, we can work with you to make fun, sexy images that show your inner Sex God! Whether you want “Man With No Name” macho, or Village People fun, we can find the right style to help you express yourself to your special someone. We can personalize your shoot and create images that show your many different sides: fun, serious or silly. We will matching any style to your mood. Male Nude Photography is another great way to give your partner a beautiful lasting piece of intimate art they will enjoy for years. Call the studio or email to book your Dudeoir photo session and discuss your personal style today.


Pin Up Photography

Valentines Boudoir Shoots

Pin Up Photos

The pin-up dates back to the 1890s and we are bringing that tradition into the 21st Century. The most famous pin-up is Betty Grable’s Bottom, which sailors and airmen would pat for luck as they ran to their duty stations.   Pin Up Photography is about fun and teasing. We can work together to make the pin-up photograph you want, whether copying a style from the past or making something modern and new. We can arrange for a makeup artist to give you the 40s classic style or something more like Lady Gaga, from the subtle to the outrageous, your pin-up will be fun and sexy. Whether you are from Oakland or San Francisco or anywhere in the Bay Area, our studio is accessible and we are ready to shoot you! Call today to book as flirty fun pin up photography session.



Maternity Photo Sessions

Maternity Photo Sessions

Maternity Photography

Pregnancy itself is the result of a true miracle that is being created within a woman’s body. To understand the entire process is quite fascinating to say the least. A woman’s body will go through a very gradual yet beautiful transformation, and there is no better way to capture these special moments-in-time than by using maternity photography. This is a time in your life in which you will never be able to relive. It’s a precious time, a wondrous time, a time of miracles, blessings and transformation, and quite frankly – this is a time that you will simply not want to forget The best time to schedule maternity photo shoot, is between 32 and 36 weeks of your pregnancy. This is an ideal time in which to capture those perfect moments that you and your entire family will be able to remember for a lifetime. Call or email to book your shoot and talk about the style of images you want to capture the glory of your pregnancy. Call to book your maternity photo shoot.


Frequently Asked Questions:

By now you must have a ton of questions about how we do our boudoir photos. Below are all the answers we could come up with.

What should I wear? Wear what you think is sexy, wear your favorite sexy costume, wear your special lingerie, wear nothing at all; let us dress you in nothing but cotton sheets and a smile.

Will my photos be on your website? Only if you want them to. Most of our clients are very very private, we only publish images when You request it.

What about Tax and Tips?  Sales Taxes are included, Tipping is optional, your job is to have fun and enjoy an amazing  photo shoot, not worry about math and taxes.

When do I proof/choose the photos? You get to quick proof same day as your shoot, your final selections will be made during your reveal session.

When will my files/prints/albums be ready? Most orders are ready in 2-3 weeks

Can I add makeup & hair to the Gold & Silver Experience? YES! Additional makeup and hair styling is $199.

Can I purchase prints or the glass candle holders separate? Yes you can purchase any of our photography or art products a la carte.

When is the studio next ladies night or party? We host events about once a month, send us an email so we can let you know when the next fun event is.

Do I need to rent a hotel? Not at all, all of our photography sessions are right here in our Oakland Art & photography studio.

Dark Garden Corset Boudoir Image - Copyright Mariah Carle

Dark Garden Corset Boudoir Image – Copyright Mariah Carle

Can you retouch out my scars & squish? Yes! We do high quality professional retouching, we will chat with you during your consult and show you several examples of the style and level of retouching, from natural to barbie doll.

Does your boudoir studio provide outfits? Our studio provides professional make up artists & hair, award winning publish photographer, amazing sets, and hundred of photography props. you need to provide your favorite fitting lingerie underwear & shoes.

 Forget the outfits, Can I have a nude photo session? Yes we love working with clients who want nude fine art.

I LOVE shoes, can I bring all my shoes? If you want a super sexy photo of you surrounded by ALL your shoes we can do that.

I want my best friend to come with me. Sure, why not have your best friend book a session same day as you and you BOTH can have a great time doing a boudoir session.

I love all your albums and prints but I ONLY want digital files. Send us an email, we have a few other packages that might work for you

Does your studio shoot older women? Yes we do, in the past 8 years we have done boudoir photography the oldest client Mariah Carle has has was 92 years old. You’re NOT too old to experience an amazing photography session.

I’m excited, Can you fit me in next week? Most of our sessions book 1-2 months in advance, give us a call with your calendar in your hand and we will find a way to fit you in.

Nude Male Photos

Male Nude Photos

I work my schedule is crazy, do you have evening sessions? Yes we do many evening sessions, come get all glammed up, have a fun photo session, with your hair and makeup looking fantastic it is a perfect reason for date night or a night out on the town.

I wish to book a boudoir session for someone else. The very best way to book a session for someone else is to give them a link to this website a kiss & your credit card.

Can I show my honey a preview of my Boudoir images? Every boudoir session includes an great custom photo app. You can use it to send your honey special photos at any time, one at a time or all at once.

I don’t know how to pose for a camera, can you help me? Yes, your photographer Mariah Carle has been in front of and behind the camera for a decade, she will help you with set ideas, styling, & posing.

How much does a photo session cost? We have several packages, most clients spend about $1700 with us. Our photos sessions include an in person consult, and the very best in photography and creativity. We have several professional makeup artists on our team to help you look your best. Phone:650.996.1860