Welcome to the studio...

How to prep for your photo session...

Personal grooming:
You’ll want to look your best for your photo session so take some extra time in the morning to groom yourself, have your hair done, a close shave, nails clean and manicured….

What to bring:
Most sessions are two wardrobe changes so bring at least three changes of clothes, including shoes, belts, and accessories. Having an extra set of clothes gives us some choice.

If you have favorite personal props you are welcome to bring them, your favorite jersey, dress, if your session includes a custom theme such as ocean mermaid, bring your bikini….

We have thousands of props on hand for you to shoot with, but if you want your session to be truly custom, bring a few of your own.

What to expect during your photo session...

Enjoy 2 hours in our studio, you’ll have a place to get ready, change into your wardrobe, have your photo session and proof your favorite images all in one location.

2 Beautiful sets – We have a constant rotation of 6 decorated sets, each photos session includes two sets of your choice.

2 Wardrobe changes – Bring your  favorite outfits, lingerie, dresses, shoes, bring all your best accessories, we will choose the two best outfits or go nude…

Help with posing & styling – Mariah has been a professional model for over 10 years & is ready to help you pose, & show off your great style for the camera.

Access to thousands of props – We have jewelry, sports equipment, chairs, flags, holiday props, pick & choose from thousands of items to enhance your photo session.

Coffee, tea & fruit plate – Enjoy a few refreshments during your photo session.

Proofing & purchasing...

After your photos are taken, you will have a chance to relax & change back into your comfy clothes.

You will then do your proofing & purchasing, you’ll get to view the photos & choose your favorites, once you have chosen the images you love, you will make your final purchase.

Retouched images are ready for pick up in about a week.


If you have any final questions, please give us a call at:


See you soon.

Mariah Carle