510 Souls

The capture & release of 510 souls in Oakland CA.

I will be creating 510 tiny glass trinkets filled with one portrait each.

The vials will be shipped all over the US to those who fund this project  (Please send me your address).

A few vials will be gifted to lucky people at random.

How to Participate:
Donate to the gofundmepage.

Give you soul vial to friends, strangers, keep one for yourself.

Show up to a portrait day at the park have your soul captured.

Show up to a work day at the studio & help create the soul vials.

Photograph your soul vial & hashtag it on social media.

05.19.16 – Inception, Purchased notebook & started scribbling notes. Research cost of all supplies & shipping.

05.20.16 – Loaded web page, tested signs for people to hold. Set up project work space in studio. Inventory current supplies & film stock. Purchased 5 rolls film.

05.21.16 – Test bottles arrived, we are going with the 1 dram bottle size!! Photos with a plain BG work better, a single landscape frame fits perfect!

05.22.16 – Teeeeeesny 1.5 inch (white) glow sticks arrive, the glow is more of a blue shade & only lasts about 3-4 hours. I have ordered yellow glow sticks and a super bright 24hour glow style.

05.24.16 – Back to the welding bench, the original idea was to find a way to use leds to light up each vial, I have tried a few things & none seem to be very discreet or aesthetically pleasing, a few other samples of pre wired leds are on order.

05.25.16 – Tonight I wore my prototype led soul vial out to an amazing show Haus Serpents in Oakland. It was a hit, I’ll be back vending again in June 29th, by then I will have some soul vials to vend.

05.27.16 – Two new types of glow sticks arrived today, testing out mammoth yellow & 24 hour original glow upon cracking, 24 hour glow is much brighter. Glow vials will be adorned with a lovely sheer black ribbon. 24 hour glow sticks will be used.

05.29.16 – Wore the prototype soul vial to the annual Memorial Day BBQ today & everyone loved it, the 24 hour glow stick glows even in daylight shade. The photography part of the project has started!!! I photographed nearly an entire roll of film today & will take it to Looking Glass Photo to be developed Tuesday.

05.30.16 – Memorial Day Holiday

05.31.16 – I dropped off the first roll of film today at Looking Glass Photo, Their E6 slide film schedule is mon-wed-fri 1:30 pick up/drop off. So I’ll be dropping off/picking up rolls of film Mondays before noon.

06.01.16 – Funding page is LIVE! Sponsor a soul today.

06.02.16 – Big day for the #510souls project, I had an interview with a local blogger, & a friend has offered to do the drilling of 510 tiny holes in 510 tiny caps for all the vials so they can be hung with ribbon.

06.06.16 – I picked up the first roll of film today!! I made a mistake in exposure & all but 4 souls were very underexposed. The next roll should be better & I have made notes to ensure better exposure for the rest of the project. Slide film has a very narrow latitude & working in shade with no external lighting has been a challenge. The souls look best when they are overexposed by about half a stop. I ordered 200 vials today!

06.20.16 – I shipped a dozen soul vials today! Each soul will cost $2.49 to ship anywhere in the US.

06.24.16 –  I will be extending this project through July!!!

06.27.16 – 100 Glow stick packets arrived today, & I had a very helpful meeting with Ruben G. about how to obtain grants for this & future projects.

1.20.16 – Shipped 50 souls!!!!

I would like to thank all these amazing people who have helped me with this project:

Cynthia for the use of her dremel
Mark for the back up cameras
Tori for listening to my late night ideas
Kemit for being the first person to be photographed
Lee for drilling 510 tiny holes in caps
Ruben for his help & advice on grants

& more….

Supplies required:
Glass vials 510 (200 in stock)
15 rolls of Fuji Velvia slide film 35mm (6 in stock)
Canon Ae-1 camera – Done (Back up camera & parts is coming from a friend)
1.5 in 24 hour glow sticks 510+ (100 in stock)
Head pins 510+ (100 in stock)
Shipping envelopes 200+(500 in stock)
Bubble wrap envelopes (1000 in stock)
Shipping labels 200+ (500 in stock)
Thank you letters (500 pages in stock)
Signs for people to hold (4 have been made)
Sharpie Markers (done)
Ribbons (researching)
Receipt envelope (done)
Clipboard (done)