5 Tips for Boudoir Photography Beginners

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Boudoir for Beginners

Much like floral appliques & silver gowns, boudoir photography shoot has become quite a popular wedding trend. Before that walk down the aisle, many brides-to-be are opting for a pre-wedding session between the sheets; not with their fiancé, but with a boudoir photographer who captures every steamy sexy sultry pose. A collection of boudoir photos makes a perfect (and titillating) present for a soon-to-be spouse on the morning of the wedding, but it can be gifted for a variety of other occasions, too. Have a professional capture shots and give them to your partner for Valentine’s Day, their birthday, your anniversary, a holiday, or as a just-because surprise. You could even keep the pics for yourself and pull them out whenever you need a little reminder of just how sexy you are.

#1 Choosing a Theme

Before setting out on your boudoir photo adventure, deciding on a general theme for your shoot will ensure that your photos turn out just the way you had in mind and create a sense of cohesiveness throughout the shots. The look that you are going for, whether it’s sexy, sweet and playful, retro pin-up, playful, or romantic, will help guide your location, wardrobe, and hair and makeup choices for the day. Props are a great option for adding some flair and personalization to boudoir photos. Anything from heels to teddy bears to more X-rated items like handcuffs and whips can help define the persona you want to portray. Feeling extra frisky? Include sex toys in your photo shoot for an added thrill for both you and your lover.

#2 Setting the Scene

Location is important to creating any great photo, and boudoir photography is no exception. The Huffington Post has a great Boudoir Guide, they suggest booking an elegant hotel suite for the day if your photographer’s studio isn’t quite what you had in mind for your boudoir backdrop. Make sure you ask for a high room bathed in natural sunlight to optimize variety and to create gorgeous results. Your photographer should have tons of tips for the most flattering and sultry poses that will fit right into your boudoir vision.

#3 Pick Quality Props

Fake flowers from the dollar store will look like fake flowers from the dollar store, purchasing fresh flowers in season add dimension to a boudoir session & is not costly, daffodils are $5 a bunch in April, for a fall session do a sexy autumn shoot with pumpkins & gourds. Cheep sheets will wrinkle & need to be retouched, spend a bit more on good high thread count sheets so be photographed in. Boudoir for beginners does not mean being cheap.

#4 Well Fitting Wardrobe

No one wants photos of bulging bra lines, or stockings all bunched up around your ankles, choose your wardrobe based on fit rather than on what is on  sale. If you have a limited selection of sexy lingerie, you can always bling up a simple bra set with some sequins. One well fitting pair of shoes looks better then three pair of shoes that are too small & crunch your toes up. The best part about choosing quality clothing is you’ll love to wear it later after your boudoir photo session.

 #5 Showing Some Skin

The typical boudoir photo seems to include a whole lot of lace, ribbons, and satin, but that does not mean it’s a standard that must be followed. Wear whatever makes you feel best: jeans and a tank top, a bra and panties, or nothing at all. Your wardrobe does not have to (and shouldn’t be!) limited to just one look. Bring enough pieces to the shoot to allow for multiple costume changes and to show off your personality, and best assets. Don vibrant colors or wear an item that has personal meaning to you and your partner—a veil if you’re gearing up for the big day or your lover’s favorite t-shirt or baseball cap make for a sentimental nod to your relationship.

DIY Boudoir Photos

If your shy side is getting the best of you, boudoir photos are easy to DIY at home, either alone or with your better half. Adam and Eve notes in their blog post Your Ultimate Guide to Shooting Naughty Pictures that taking a few boudoir photos of yourself and your partner can make for great foreplay. Take turns snapping shots of each other and make sure you give your partner directions as they pose. The shots can be as playful or as raunchy as you’re in the mood for, leaving the tone of the shoot entirely up to you and your lover.

However, if you are having trouble getting started, Buzzfeed offers a ton of great options for an at-home boudoir shoot. It includes ideas for poses, outfits, and flattering angles for boudoir for beginers.

After the photo session is over and you have your steamy prints in hand, there’s no limit to how you could use them. Frame them and hang them in your bedroom for a sensual twist on wall art, or collect them in a photo album that can be stored in a more private place. Leave some photos tucked away in secret spots where your partner (and only your partner!) will be able to find them throughout the day, week, or month, depending on how sneaky you are with your hiding places.

With these tips (and your inner vixen) to guide you, a successful boudoir photography session is just a camera click away.

Boudoir for Beginners