Switching sides, male photographers in front of the camera.

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Male Pin Up
Male Pin Up

As one who has worked as a nude art model for a number of years and racked up dozens of gallery shows and publications.
I have met and worked with my fair share (over 600) other photographers, sculptors, painters & other art inspired people.

This project was special, all projects are special but this one was dear to my gender bending photography loving, table turning heart.
Mike & I met in person at an art festival SEAF in seattle a number of years back and have stayed in touch ever since, we share pointers on photography, local artist info, and communicate often about our respective ideas on art & photography. He is a great person & he came to me with an idea last year.

“I want to get in front of your camera nude”
“I want to experience the other side of the lens”

I’ve spent so much time on both sides I feel it IS important for anyone to do at least a few times in their life.
So we set up a shoot:
We got silly & sassy and we went with a slightly masculine version of pin up. Then we worked with some rim light and lots of shadows, just enough light to see the edge of the body.
We used tires, axes, and logs of wood for props, I had an idea of guitars & thousands of guitar picks American Beauty style but we saved that idea for next time.

If you want to see some of Mikes photography go visit his 500px page.
If you are interested in learning more about male boudoir photos.