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Band Photography Nikki & Chris

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Band Photography
Band Photography

This July I had the pleasure of doing a Band Photography Commission of a new music Due of Nikki & Chris. Nikki contacted me and said that it was time for these two musicians to start to get their style outlined in images and we all three put togeather a fun photo session that illustrates some of their immense creativity. One idea that we worked on was a sort of campfire styles image, we used the drums, keyboards, and flutes for the “Fire” and a bit of special lighting. Next we flowed into the fetish realm and used the mike wires for a little impromptu bondage. (Tied up in the music)

Our last set was on location, since both Nikki and Chris live and work in Oakland as well as my Photography Studio, we all decided to shoot close to home, we went out to the shore and found some great places close to  the Oakland Port.

If you want to create a great Band Photography session here are a few helpful hints:

1. Music tells the story, send your photographer some music that you have created.

2. Clothes, too much wardrobe is never enough, bring that extra jacket just in case.

3. Photography is a collaborative process, just as music is, take some time to sketch out a few ideas, and also try some new ones your photographer might have.

4. Don’t worry about launching a totally out of the box idea right from the start, work in the box, then let the box dissolve.  Sometimes you have to try out those old cliched ideas to discover some new innovative ones.

5. Just as most songs are recorded in more than one take, it might take a few shots/ideas to get “the perfect shot”.

So have fun with your shoot and enjoy the creative process.

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